Festive Fun On The Santa Express

This year we finally made it onto the Santa express steam train. For some extra festiveness, we decided that we all had to wear Christmas jumpers. I picked the boys ones up cheap in Primark, Jasper’s was a T-rex but it actually said “Tree-Rex” & Jude’s was the Grinch as he loved that film when we watched it at the cinema. 

There was a kids entertainer/ magician on the train to keep the children amused. Jude got involved and was spinning a plate on the stick with a huge grin  on his  face, not that you can see in this terrible photo below haha… but you can in my vlog here!

We were given a hot mince pie and a glass of sherry, whilst the boys were given a  carton of juice and a little chocolate treat to enjoy.

The boys really enjoyed the train ride, looking out of the windows and spotting sheep in the fields. It wasn’t long before Jude saw Santa making his way down through the carriages. Jasper had already told us all that he didn’t want to speak to Santa! (no improvement from my last post!) Thankfully there were no tears this time though.

They both received the same gift which was a lovely set of 3 tractor and trailers each. Jude was so sweet talking to Santa and gave him a high five. I think Jasper just said ‘thank you’ in a silly voice, possibly / probably called Santa a Poo-poo.

We were allowed to get off the train for a little bit whilst they got ready to take us back to the station. They tooted the whistle, Jasper covered his ears and we hopped back on the train before it left us behind.

This made for a perfect festive, family day out. It was really special, you can watch our day on my YouTube chanel too by clicking here if you fancy.