Sandy toes & salty air

This is one of my favourite beaches to take the boys to, I mean you wont find any palm trees or pina coladas here, but still, it really is beautiful. There’s big sand dunes which the boys love climbing up and rolling down, an ice cream van.. because lets be honest you can’t go to the beach and not get one! It’s never that busy which mean’s you can semi relax about not loosing the kids, and best of all, you can park right on the beach so you don’t have to lug half of your house down the road. The only not so great thing is you’ll never get your toes wet as the tide just never seems to come in!

We came here for a picnic with Grandad & Grandma the other weekend and we all had such a lovely time, although Jude’s sandwiches really did end up incredibly sandy.

After playing in the sand dunes for ages, the boys put their wellies on and we walked out to the shipwreck. We couldn’t get as close this time as it was like quick sand out there and we didn’t want to start sinking! So we walked back collecting shells along the way and Jude wrote his name in the sand.

Jude managed to loose his sunglasses on the beach somewhere, so he ended up pinching mine and I spent all afternoon squinting! But we had a beautiful day and I’m looking forward to our next beach trip.

Which beach do you love to go to?