Retrofestival & A Surprise Proposal

For my sister’s 30th birthday we all got together for a camping trip to Retrofestival in Newbury. I’d never been before but it was brilliant, Jude & Jasper had the most amazing weekend. Originally, myself and the boys were going to be camping in a tent, blow up bed, ear plugs, eye masks to prevent them waking up at the crack of dawn – the lot. But as the weather looked like it was going to be horrendous all weekend  (typical after weeks upon weeks of scorching hot sunshine) I managed to convince my dad to take their big caravan down so that we could all sleep in there, warm, cosy and dry!

It took us a couple hours to drive there, but it felt much longer. I’m not sure if that’s because the sat nav took us down some crazy country lanes or because Jude was asking ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘How many minutes now?’ ’46 minutes? no, you said that already! That’s still a long time!’ But after an emergency side of the road wee stop, new movies on their DVD players and eating pizza in the car for dinner they were happy. When we arrived the boys were straight off  on their bikes to explore with Grandad, whilst mum and I unpacked everything into the caravan.

Everyone else was staying in their tear drop caravans which were in a different field, so we carried all the food and drink down there and had a BBQ. Jude and Jasper were so excited seeing all the old cars and bikes. They especially loved the American state trooper cop car!! They loved showing off ‘Harold’ their little retro car, and got so much attention from passers-by. Jude said to me ‘Mum, everyone keeps smiling at me and talking to me… that’s because they love my really cool car isn’t it!!’

We ended up having a super late night as we spent all evening at the fun fair, especially on the dodgems which was such a laugh. I think it was about 11:30 by the time we got the boys back to bed. But they were so excited and having such a great time with everyone.

Thankfully they had a long sleep and didn’t wake up until 8:30 in the morning, and what a gorgeous sunny morning it was! We were celebrating my sister’s 30th on the Saturday too as everyone would have been packing up on the Sunday ready to go home. So we put our  50’s style dresses on (everyone dresses up at Retrofestival) had brunch, decorated the marquee with bunting and balloons, looked a some of the cars and went on more fairground rides. Jude was big enough to go on the Ferris wheel.. which soon became his favourite ride. My gosh though… it was crazy fast!!!  Jasper said it was too scary and didn’t want to give it a go so we went on the carousal together instead which he LOVED.

I made a game of pass the parcel for us all to play in the afternoon, and on every layer I had wrote a forfeit. My dad had to dance like a ballerina, my uncle had to put ice down his top and name 5 body parts spelt with three letters,  Jasper had to remove his socks using tongs and Jude had to put lipstick on my uncle whilst blind folded … RIP Mac lipstick! I made 16 forfeits and it was very amusing watching people complete them.

Once we had finished playing games everyone was just sat around talking, my dad kept kicking me on the foot.. I was just like whatttttt?! Chris then asked me if I could film, so I said yeah, film who?! he didn’t answer me… dad then started kicking me again and giving me a thumbs up.. I didn’t get what was going on haha! Chris then asked me to start filming, I said WHO!? he pointed to my sister. So I started filming and he dropped to one knee and pulled out an engagement ring to which I screamed ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! and then cried a little bit haha. My sister couldn’t stop shaking and it was just the sweetest moment and so so lovely to be there and watch that happen.  I’m so happy for them both. Obviously the rest of the evening was spent celebrating! My dad ended up very drunk, but we don’t need to talk about that do we dad…!!

Sunday was raining, but we still had to watch the wall of death which was absolutely incredible! The boys were fascinated by it and my uncle bought them both a wall of death motorbike t-shirt which they have wanted to wear everyday since! They are more like dresses as the smallest size they did was age 7-8 years. But they love them. My dad and Great-Great uncle took the boys on an American truck ride too which was so cool! I’m not sure who was more excited them or the kids… The boys also had their photo by a real American truck too which was massive, they looked so small beside it.

I didn’t get chance to look around any of the stalls really as we were so busy. But my dad did treat me to a very cool Thatcher’s bottle opener which I will be putting up on the wall in my new house when I buy one 😉 Great little souvenir to remember a brilliant weekend.