Pumpkin Picking

I think the boys have asked me every week for the past year “When is it time to go pumpkin picking again mum?” They have been excited all year about going back to the pumpkin patch at CowTastic in Farrington Gurney, so I took them the first weekend it opened up.

Jude & Jasper soon spotted the pumpkin patch. I mean if they couldn’t see it, I think I would have needed to  book them an appointment at Specsavers because it was completely covered in bright orange pumpkins as far as the eye could see. They enjoyed jumping on all the mushy rotten ones,  and began searching for the one that they wanted to carve, although Jude wanted to find a square pumpkin just like Spookley!

Obviously I had to get a photo of them sat on a pumpkin. Isn’t that the rule when you go to a pumpkin patch?!

Once the boys were happy with their pumpkins, we headed off for a short & very bumpy tractor and trailer ride, then we washed our pumpkins, bought some carving kits and began carving them inside the warmth of the barn. I carved Jaspers and the boys Auntie Olive or ‘Lolive’ as they say, carved Jude’s.

The boys enjoyed helping and told us what faces they wanted on their pumpkins. Jasper told me he wanted a happy face with two teeth and round eyes (Very precise!) and Jude wanted a scary face.

We had such a fun afternoon together. It really is a great pumpkin patch & I’m sure that we will be back again next year. You can watch our pumpkin picking vlog here!

Pumpkin Picking Vlog