Glastonbury Festival – Sunday Ticket!

One week on and the Glastonbury blues are kicking in. There really is nowhere else quite like this place. To be honest, you can’t even explain what it’s like, but theres SO much more than just the music.

This year after failing to get general tickets or local tickets for the week, I finally managed to get through and secure us some Sunday tickets. Amazingly after weeks of heavy rain, the weather was perfect. We got the bus in and by 10:30am we were sat on the pyramid field cracking open a rum & coke.

According to my friends step tracker, by the end of the day we had done nearly 27,000 steps! We did walk up to the park, past the ribbon tower and had some photo’s by the Glastonbury sign at the top of the hill. Then had a chill in the hammocks on the way back down!

We had to go and check out ‘Glastonbury On Sea’ which was new for 2019. They had built a vintage looking pier, had people acting as life guards, candy floss for sale, sticks or rock, t-shirts, someone playing the spoons and lots more going on up there!

The rest of the day we spent squeezing our way through the bustle of people trying to move between stages. Watching Tom Walker In the John peel tent had to be my favourite, he was actually amazing!

The food choice is crazy! There is pretty much anything you could think of which makes it so hard to decide what to go for.

I had such a fun day with my mates, some funny stories were made, and some moments that we will laugh about for years to come! #LONGDROPS

’till next time!