Getting fit, workout log #1

October last year I had hit my target weight and I was chuffed! I still wanted to get toned, and I was miles away from the ‘perfect’ body. But i managed to loose two stone last year and I was just so proud, especially as I’m someone who has always struggled with my weight. I’ve tried so many stupid unsustainable diets and ridiculous fad weight-loss pills over the years. So to finally reach my goal through making better food choices and moving my butt more was a great feeling.

Since then, celebrating my birthday, eating crazy amounts of cheese over the Christmas holidays and also getting into a new relationship (you know what it’s like, eating out lots and enjoying all the treats!), I’ve ended up gaining weight, but not just a couple pounds, oh no, I’ve put on 1 stone 4lbs… gutted!

The worst thing is i can really see it, and feel it both physically and mentally. All my clothes dig in and are uncomfortable, i’m tired and sluggish all-the-time, and In general I feel a lot more stressed out!

Anyway, now that all the Christmas chocolates and treats have been eaten throughout January, it’s time to get the weight off again and genuinely just start to feel healthier and happier.

So, here’s my starting measurements:

Weight: 11.4 stone

Waist – 32″, Lower belly – 36″, Hips – 41″, Arms – 11″, Thighs 22 “

Work out log this week:

  • Monday 11th February – Lucy Wyndham-read – 7 day challenge – 7 min workout to loose belly fat. I did this twice.
  • Tuesday 12th February – Yoga flow from the ‘lets start yoga’ ebook
  • Thursday 14th February – Anna Saccone – 7 minute workout routine (I did this two times)
  • Saturday 16th February – Yoga flow from the ‘lets start yoga’ ebook.

That’s it for this week.