Four times around the Sun


It’s actually crazy how fast time goes. My perfect little Jude, the sweet baby boy who made me a mum, has travelled around the Sun 4 times. How on earth is he four already!? That time has just gone so quick.


It’s funny isn’t it, when they are babies the long tough days and the even longer sleepless nights feel as though they’re never going to end. We secretly begin to wish time away. For them to start sleeping through, for all their teeth to cut so that the horrendous teething pain stops, for them to be able to fall asleep without you having to rock them in your arms for half an hour every night. But before you know it, and without any warning, you’ve done all of those things for the last time, and you start wishing that they need you again as much as they used to.



I feel like Jude has changed so much this past year. He’s lost that ‘baby’ face, he’s grown so much in height, he’s potty trained & his speech has come on amazingly. A few things that haven’t changed however, is his love of superheroes, quadbikes, motorbikes & crisps!


He’s had an incredibly hard year of change, but has taken everything in his stride & I am so incredibly proud of him. Adjusting to co-parenting home life, new houses, a different nursery, and welcoming all these new people into his life. He really is a little superstar.



I made a sentimental video for my YouTube channel which you can watch if you click here. Its video clips from when he was a couple hours old right up to his 4th birthday, it made me pretty emotional!


I asked my mum; what age do you stop being emotional about your kids growing up? She told me, never darling.


I can’t cope.