Forest Segway at Go-Ape!

Go Ape very kindly invited me and my tribe for a forest Segway adventure at the Moors Valley park in Hampshire. So I gathered up my family and friends and we had a fun afternoon whizzing around beneath the trees on two wheels.

Before getting started we all had to sign our life away and have a quick bit of training on how to operate the Segway’s safely. After a few practice laps and convincing my dad he wasn’t going to die, ‘death traps’ he was calling them, we were all ready to get going and feel the wind in our hair (Well not really, we had some rather stylish helmets on)

We headed out of the training area following the instructor along the track, getting to grips on how to steer our Segway’s, and therefor hopefully avoiding crashing into each other. After a little while we all pulled over and the ‘training mode’ was now removed. This meant they now reached the ultimate speed of 13MPH.

Now the fun really started. We were all overtaking each other, well apart from Dad who was way behind with his Segway going backwards (he says it was a dodgy one, but you know what they say about a bad workman blaming his tools..) Further up we all stopped to have photos taken & I love this picture of us all together, it really did make for a fun family day together!

After a few more incidents *cough, cough* Mum & Dad both rolling backwards into a ditch, and Chris managing to flip his Segway before trying to jump back on quickly without anyone noticing, but then falling straight back off again hah! We headed back to the start, and on our way back we saw a bride who was getting married in the forest and all their wedding guests walking to the venue.

So thank you Go Ape for giving us all such a fun afternoon together. We really loved it, and maybe next time we will brave the tree top adventure!