Boys Bedroom Makeover – Before & After.

Cover your eyes, this was what the boys bedroom used to look like; very white, crap curtains, broken blind, a bunch of Blaze stickers blue-tacked to the wall and some seriously shoddy Polly filling from the previous tenants.

I was desperate to create a nice space for them to sleep and play in. So, I saved up the pennies, got the green light from my landlord to get the paint brushes out, smashed some music on and began their bedroom makeover. 

Below are a couple photos of what it used to look like. Pretty bad huh?

I was going to go all out superhero, but as kids change their interests every month/week, ok, who am I fooling, I mean daily, I figured it could be a bad, bad move.

In the end I decided to go with an industrial kind of feel. Sort of boyish, but a little bit more grown up, and I was still able to put bits of superhero in there too.

I love, LOVE the colours I picked. They are both Dulux, the darker grey was named ‘Chic Shadow’ and the lighter one ‘Polished Pebble’. Both of them I would say are a very true grey and don’t have a blue, purple or brown undertone. The lick of paint made a huge difference to the room, but still kept it neutral (Landlords guidelines).

The star print bedding I bought in Lidl. It certainly didn’t break the bank, but it goes with their room lovely and has washed up perfect.

I spent ages searching for large light up initials. Most of which were crazy money. I finally found these ones here on Amazon which are perfect! I like that they are a mix of metal and wood and that they suited the theme of their room better than the usual ones you see everywhere.

This cage light I got in Home Sense.  Originally I was going to have it hanging from the ceiling with the wire hooked up in various places. However, I was worried the boys would pull on it, maybe even attempt to swing across it as if they were Tarzan or something, so I ended up attaching it to the wall between both their beds. AKA the safer option.

A huge transformation was their much needed new blinds. I decided on the black out (I’ll try anything for a lie in) roman blinds from Dunelm. They were a little tricky to install, well, from what I gathered whilst watching my dad try to figure it out anyway! These really transformed their room and made it look way smarter.

We used a picture ledge from B&M as a book shelf. Then I got the huge ironman print and frame from home sense along with the wire basket to hold their toys. The sheepskin rug came from Aldi.

The metal bedside table was a little expensive for what it’s worth to be honest! But I bought this on Amazon. It just really went with the theme and was small enough to fit in the tiny gap between both beds. It does look great, but should probably have been half the price I paid.

I wanted to make a chalk board so the boys can always come up and do some drawing. I had a few different ideas of how I could make one, but ended up going with some chipboard from B&Q and pinching some old signs out of my dad’s garage. This looks so cool in their room.

Finally we hung a few more old signs from dad’s garage around the room, including this triangle hazard road sign, probably pinched from Somerset Highways or something!

What do you make of their room makeover? I love it.